Hi from the team at Submittable’s Blog! We're interested in sharing your work about creativity, the publishing industry, and/or digital media. Please see our specific guidelines for each category below. 

We prefer submissions of 1000 words or less. Submittable offers $50** per post, payable upon publication. We do not pay for re-posts. We reserve the right to not publish any work submitted. If you have accompanying artwork, please include it in the submission.

Thanks for your interest in Submittable--we look forward to reading your work.

**Free entries to the Submittable-Centric Poetry Contest will not operate under these terms. See the contest guildlines for further information.

Ends in 11 hours, 55 minutes

In honor of National Poetry Month, Submittable seeks submissions via Submittable of Submittable-themed poems—alliteration, repetition, and meta-poesis encouraged! Write us an ode, a rant, a rhyming chant. We'd love to consider your submission-focused haikus, sonnets, villanelles; we appreciate the elliptical, ekphrastic, and enjambed. Humor is encouraged. Come at us with that verse!


Please submit ONLY ONE POEM and ensure that it is related to Submittable's platform. Here's an absurd example of a potential submission:


Submittable leaves me sad and blue

When too many subs are in the queue

The editors wait till I've lost all hope

To tell me if my work is dope

But I don't care I'll not be meek

Poems for days and prose for weeks


If we like your poem, we’ll share it. If we love it, you may be our contest winner and receive a $100 prize, plus a sweet Submittable-surprise (end-rhyme intentional). Two runner-ups will receive a care package that includes stickers and other fun bounty. 

IMPORTANT: You may submit more than once. Submissions that do not comply with contest guidelines will be automatically rejected. Because this contest includes prizes for winning entries, compensation will not mirror that of the other Submittable guest blog posts. Selected authors (who are not finalists) may choose to allow us to publish their poem, without renumeration, at their discretion. 

Questions? Be in touch at any time.

We’re always on the lookout for short, engaging essays. We tend to favor work about the life, work, and process of writing, publishing, visual art, or any other creative pursuit. We’re also interested in the interplay of the arts and tech, whether drawn from your personal experience, or from observations of the world at large. Often, though, we don’t know what we’re looking for until we see it, so feel free to send something our way that we might find to be unexpectedly perfect for our blog and readership. 
We’re interested in reviews of books about publishing, writing, or digital media, and prefer forthcoming titles, or books that have been published within the last year. We will consider reviews of older books that may have fallen in obscurity, and that you feel deserve to see the light of day again. We rarely review self-published or e-book-only titles, but if you believe you can make a case to us for why a specific book should be reviewed, we’re happy to hear it.
Got an arts- or tech-industry individual (or team) whom you’d like to interview? We’re looking for interviews of creators, tastemakers, visionaries, or anyone else whose work intersects with our company’s focus.