Congratulations on getting your work out there! Perhaps you have an art exhibit coming up, you just performed a new standup routine live, or your band finally landed a music festival. 

Submittable would love to help you promote your creative work while sharing your insights with our audience. We are seeking pitches for blog content between 600 and 1,000 words from creatives with some sort of public, art-related work either released or forthcoming within a year of your submission date.  

Essays, tips and tricks, listicles, and any other short-form content that offers learning related (even peripherally) to your creative work is welcome. 

We're looking for more than just "How I Got My First Art Show." Compelling pitches are actionable and take a unique angle on the creative's journey. Most artists and performers already know they need to work hard, make connections, find an audience, be patient etc. What else can you offer? What learning, specific to your craft or industry would really help others succeed (or at least avoid major pitfalls)?

Also, while we encourage you to talk about your project that is recent or forthcoming, your blog post should not focus solely on it, but rather use it as a lens through which readers may learn about a topic in creating and the arts.

**Please note: This is a new section for our blog so we're not sure what it will look like yet—we're excited to build it with you! For this reason we can't offer examples really but please refer to our Discover site to get an overall sense for the style of articles we prefer. 

**Please also note: This call is NOT for creatives who want to write about writing and publishing. Kindly direct those materials to other open blog calls.

Best wishes with your creative work and we look forward to hearing from you!

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