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We’re always on the lookout for short, engaging essays. We tend to favor work about the life, work, and process of writing, publishing, visual art, or any other creative pursuit. We’re also interested in the interplay of the arts and tech, whether drawn from your personal experience, or from observations of the world at large. Often, though, we don’t know what we’re looking for until we see it, so feel free to send something our way that we might find to be unexpectedly perfect for our blog and readership. 

We’re interested in reviews of books about publishing, writing, or digital media, and prefer forthcoming titles, or books that have been published within the last year. We will consider reviews of older books that may have fallen in obscurity, and that you feel deserve to see the light of day again. We rarely review self-published or e-book-only titles, but if you believe you can make a case to us for why a specific book should be reviewed, we’re happy to hear it.
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